About Us

Scene of the Crime is a podcast hosted by Carolyn Ossorio and Kim Shepard. A nitty-gritty exposé of true crimes in the Pacific Northwest that features a combination of storytelling, reporting, and interviewing experts who were at the Scene of the Crime.


Kim Shepard

Kim Shepard has been sharing stories since she got her first double deck cassette recorder. She has been writing, producing and delivering news on the radio for more than 20 years. With an educational background in Anthropology, Kim not only seeks to understand WHAT happened, but WHY it happened and HOW the acts of others can teach us about ourselves and our society as a whole.

Carolyn Ossorio

Carolyn Ossorio is a reporter, columnist, host and author. When Carolyn was a kid Pippi Longstocking was her hero... an unconventional, playful, questioning character who sought the truth and followed her heart in unexpected ways. Carolyn embodies that spirit in her life and always follows the story wherever it may lead her.

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