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The Tube Sock Killer

Detective Pat Beale has been an investigator for many, many years. In fact, he tried to retire, but the Lewis County Attorney’s Office called him back into service to help solve the murder of Diana Robertson.

From the beginning the case has been muddy. But, there are a few things we do know for sure. In the early morning hours of December 12, 1985, 21 year old Diana set out for a day trip with her 36 year old boyfriend Michael Reimer and their 2 and a half year old daughter Crystal to get a Christmas tree. Mike had a side gig as a trapper, and he also planned to check his animal traps in the area.

Another thing we know for sure: Diana and Michael never did get that Christmas tree. In fact, that very same afternoon little Crystal would be found alone, abandoned at a Kmart store.

Where were her parents?

That mystery would go unanswered for 8 weeks, until a grim discovery was made: Diana’s body was found in a remote wooded area, viciously stabbed 17 times with a tube sock tied around her neck. 

But, where was Michael? Had he murdered Diana? Had he murdered others, too?

Just four months earlier a couple had been found murdered in the woods nearby. The woman’s body had also been found with a tube sock around her neck. Coincidence? Or was a serial killer on the loose?

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