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Nightmare in Everett

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Greg Heimann boarded the plane with a heavy heart.

He hadn’t seen his father in five years, and this would be anything but a happy reunion. For more than six hours he sat on that plane, mulling over what to say.

It had a been a year since his father was diagnosed with cancer, and he was still refusing treatment. Greg and the rest of the family had been trying to change his mind for months.

Of course, Jerry had his reasons. The 64 year old Boeing retiree was caring for his elderly mother. She was suffering from Alzheimer’s and was unable to walk or even feed herself. Jerry couldn’t imagine going through chemo while also taking care of grandma.  

But, Greg didn’t want to lose his dad. So, there he was, on a six hour flight from Arkansas to Seattle trying to find the words that would change his father’s mind about treatment.

Once he touched down at Seatac and picked up his bag, Greg expected to see his father waiting to pick him up. ] But, there was no sign of him. So, Greg walked around a bit looking and thinking some more.

After more than three hours passed, Greg had to give up. He decided to catch a shuttle to his father’s house in Everett, another hour for Greg to try and come up with just the right words.

The shuttle pulled up to a dark house. The lights were out, the shades were drawn, and Greg would discover the front door was locked. So, he climbed in through a window… and was met by a nightmare.   

His 89 year old grandmother sat in a blood-splattered wheelchair with shredded bits of newspaper in her mouth.

But, what about his father? Where was he? 

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