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Arcanum: Vascillation

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Hear outside experts share their perspectives on the mysterious death of Autumn Stone. Retired Director of the San Diego Crime Laboratory Jennifer Shen, Director of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Sheryl McCollum and others share their insights as we reflect on the case and consider where things go from here. 


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  1. Amy

    Yes yes yes ladies!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Amy

    Yes yes yes ladies!!!! Thank you!!!thank you so much! We know the truth! And we never want this to happen to another family again!!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. Molly Nelson

    Just finished this series. Have y’all possibly reached out to the podcast ‘Jenson and Holes The Murder Squad’? They usually offer financial assistance for unsolved cases. Just a thought! Wishing the best for Autumn’s family and her case.

    1. Carolyn Ossorio

      Great minds think alike! As a matter of fact, we were on the Murder Squad a while back to discuss a different case which they may help us out with. It was for the case involved with our Fallen Angels episode. -Kim

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