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Arcanum: Schism

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Last time on Arcanum, we went over the investigation notes written by Seattle Police Detective Ed Garcia during the initial two week investigation. Nowhere in those six pages does it mention the sperm that was found inside of Autumn’s body. Nor does he mention the fact that Tyler Washington is not only suspected in a current child abuse investigation, but that he has spent time in prison for abusing his first child.

Of course, being a suspect in a somewhat unrelated case and having a prior conviction doesn’t necessarily mean that he should be a suspect in this case or that a murder was even committed. But, all of these things are threads connected with Autumn’s life. And you have to understand the backstory to understand why her family is so adamant that she wouldn’t have taken herself away from her two little boys.

It wasn’t until around January of 2020, about five months after Autumn’s death, that the family would realize the case had been closed just two weeks after her body was found.

The realization would come when they received a copy of the completed autopsy and they saw that DNA had been collected from Autumn’s body, but had not been sent to the crime lab for analysis.

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