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Arcanum: Eleventh Hour

In Autumn’s Stone’s young life she had come a long way from the quiet, shy little girl who was bullied in school, to coming into her own, finding love with Tyler and creating the cohesive family unit they both craved so much.

Autumn was more than just a headline, and our mission is to help you get to know the whole person before we get to the tragic and mysterious circumstances of her death.

It’s a clock that some say had been punched 9 days before her death, on August 21, 2019, the night she left her precious baby Derek alone with his father for less than 15 minutes.

While a lot of things are unclear about the investigation that would follow the discovery of Autumn's body at Green Lake, one thing that we do know from the body cameras worn by Seattle Police is that the officers and other first responders did everything they could to save her and to preserve the scene for homicide detectives.

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  1. James Stone

    Thank you Caroline so far this has been great coverage. I’m hopeful we’ll get some answers.And thank you out Kim.

    1. Carolyn

      James, that means so much to us. Thank you to you and your family for always being there to answer any of our questions and giving us access so we can tell Autumn’s story in the most complete way to get answers and to hopefully get people with information to come forward.

  2. Nora

    Really an outstanding, heartfelt job detailing the various aspects related to that beautiful soul’s life and the circumstances of her death. Hopefully she could soon have some justice. And my apologies for mentioning the following, but, I don’t know how else to contact you ladies (I don’t have a Facebook): Girls in Afghanistan have a way to protect themselves from the sick extremist males that try to kill them for having an education and for refusing forced ‘marriage’ (no consent, so it is never an actual marriage, as you ladies already know) by mentioning certain things in their religion that debunk the extremist’s ideology. Because then, the extremists can no longer claim that their nonsense is based on their religion. Can I send you the exact details in an email? Please, those girls have no one to help them

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