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Arcanum: Reckoning

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In episode one of Arcanum we went over Autumn’s past: how her mother’s alcoholism and parents divorce shaped her young life. She had overcome a lot and was looking forward to the future with her little boy, Ethan, and her fiancé, Tyler, who she reconnected with in 2017.

For about 8 months leading up to the birth of their son, Tyler and Autumn lived with Autumn’s grandparents in their home in Everett. Autumn’s mom lived there, too. And little Ethan, Autumn’s nearly two year old son from a previous relationship.  

On July 17, 2019 Autumn and Tyler welcomed their healthy baby boy, Derek.  

The hectic, multi-generational home was full of love and care for Autumn and her children. And, for Tyler, too.   

According to Jeanine, Autumn’s sister, the family loved Tyler and was so happy for the couple and their future together: 

But, as is so often the case, there was a lot going on behind closed doors.

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  1. Nora

    Kim Shepard and Carolyn Ossorio, the passion you ladies have for spreading the horrific stories of people who’ve been victimized by a senseless crime can truly be witnessed with every episode posted in your podcast. I heard the first episode regarding Autumn Stone, and one can’t help but be devastated for her stolen life and the improper manner in which her case been handled by the authorities. I wonder, if I could suggest a case to both of you ladies— there are details about it that no one seems to be talking about but that is largely because of the language barrier and misogyny, so a lot is lost in translation even though a quick google search should confirm the details

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