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𝑨𝒓𝒄𝒂𝒏𝒖𝒎: a mysterious or specialized knowledge; information possessed only by a select inner circle. 

We didn’t realize when we set out to investigate the unexplained death of Autumn Stone, that it would lead us to such a layered and complex mystery.  

It all started last year, when a family member of Autumn’s reached out, asking us to look into Autumn’s death and the strange circumstances that led up to that hot summer day in Seattle, 2019, when this young mother’s body was found floating in Green Lake.   

We initially went about putting together a single episode on Autumn’s story. But as we dug deeper, we became entangled in the vulnerability of this young mother, her family’s quest to get justice for her and her newborn baby, and all of the shocking twists and turns this story would take.  

When we heard Autumn’s voice for the first time, we couldn’t get it out of our heads. Frightened, but courageous, with a quiver in her words, that voice has been silenced now. Her family has asked us to tell her story. 

Throughout this series we’ll explore the societal pressures placed upon young women, how masking childhood trauma can leave a devastating imprint on a person’s soul, how the anxiety and confusion caused by gas lighting can add to the burden of an already challenging investigation, and we hope to find some measure of closure for Autumn’s loved ones.  

Because even as we tell this story… it isn’t over yet…

Within days of her death, the Seattle Police Department quickly ruled it a suicide. Too quickly, for Autumn’s family and friends. Now, thanks to their persistence, the case has been re-opened with investigators finally admitting there may be more going on here than anyone could have realized.

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  1. Liane

    I was just wondering why you referred to Autumn’s baby as Devante in your original episode and Derrick in the new series.

    1. Kim Shepard

      Thanks for the question, Liane. We decided to change the names of all the children involved to protect their identity. We may delete the original episode once the series is complete.

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