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A Conversation with Emily Washines

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We’ve been sharing new stories from the Scene of the Crime for more than a year now and we’re starting an ambitious new project, a full-season deep dive into one of the most interesting cases we’ve covered so far: The mysterious death of Autumn Stone. There’s been some movement on this case since we first brought it to you last year, and some new evidence has been uncovered that could change everything!

So, while we take a short break from our weekly episodes to focus on this deep dive, we thought we would share with you some of the really impactful discussions that we had as we were preparing our last episode on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

First up – our conversation with Emily Washines. She grew up hearing stories about the tragedies that have occured to people in her tribe and beyond. Now, she’s using her voice to speak up for the victims and to try and end the cycle of violence and abuse. And, best of all she shares with us stories of courage and compassion that can help us all understand the struggle of Native women and girls and what we can do to help.

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