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MMIW: Silent No More

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Earth Feather Sovereign was just 14 years old, and she was an itty bitty thing. Standing just over five feet tall, she barely hit a hundred pounds on the scale. 

Still, when she walked into the party that night, she stuck out her chin and let them know she had arrived. The Portland house belonged to a friend of a friend, she wasn’t really sure who. But, between the bass-heavy beat of the music and the excited energy of the young people milling around, this felt like the place to be. 

Even though she was still in the dawn of her teenage years, Earth Feather already had plenty of experience with booze, and not just to liven-up a party. She’d learned the hard way that liquor could soothe a tortured heart, at least temporarily. 

So, just like so many other nights, she grabbed a bottle. 

There were a lot of familiar faces at this house party, but a lot of strangers, too. And, when Earth-Feather went down to the hall to use the bathroom, she wasn’t alone. 

A group of young men grabbed her and refused to let her go.

She was kidnapped, raped and held as a slave. 

It’s a sickening story that’s all too familiar for so many young Indigenous women all over the nation.

But now, new laws and new efforts are being made to stop the cycle and find justice for the families of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women from the Pacific Northwest and around the country.


Click here for more information on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Washington.


If you are a family member of a missing person and would like their photo to be included on the Washington State Patrol Missing Person’s website, please contact:

Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit

(800) 543-5678

Or the WSP Tribal Liaisons

Patti Gosch                                       Dawn Pullin    

(360) 280-0567                                (360) 890-0150


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  1. DAN Travers

    First of all I started listening to your podcasts recently i probably listened to half of them so far and you 2 are amazing!!!!! I know it would be costly but is there any way the women and or babies be chipped

    1. Kim Shepard

      Thanks Dan! We already chip our pets. I can’t imagine people will be too far behind. But, I do think there would be a lot of concerns about privacy rights and the rights of the children who would be too young to give consent to something like that. I think the closest thing we have now is some of the smart watches that have GPS. You can track a kid with one of those and you can get them for under a hundred bucks. Just as long as the kid likes the watch and doesn’t take it off!

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