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Family Ties

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Ashley Pond may have been a pre-teen, but instead of spunk and rebellion, she emanated sweetness and light. Despite the abuse she’d suffered at the hands of her father, the 12 year old from Oregon City was known to be a happy child who loved to dance. 


In fact, she was on a dance team with some of her closest friends and neighbors, Miranda and Mallori. The trio lived so close, they all met-up at the same bus stop each morning, before heading to Gardner Middle School, where they were in 7th grade.


On the morning of January 9th, 2002, Ashley was running a little late. She rushed out the door at 8:15, hoping she hadn’t missed the bus. Some neighbors remember seeing Ashley as she hustled out of the apartment complex that morning… the last time anyone would see her alive.


And, Ashley wouldn’t be the last of her friends to be stolen….


We’re exploring the question of Nature versus Nurture with a family that includes three generations of killers. But, is this evil being passed along in their genes? Or was it the way they were raised?

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