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Cold Blooded

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In 1989, Debbie Sweiger was coming into her own. At 35, she was in great shape. She had to be. As a highly skilled emergency room nurse, she never buckled under pressure.


And, she liked the finer things in life. Her curls were coifed to match the latest style: big and blonde. She loved to wear her manicured nails blood red.  Her dimpled smile was legendary, catching the attention of Bill Pawlyk.


At 48, Bill was a respected businessman and executive. Even though they were both already married, the heart wants what the heart wants, and it wasn’t long before Debbie and Bill were in the midst of a steamy affair. Not long after, they would leave their spouses for each other.


Still, Debbie was in the prime of her life. For a time, Bill had been a part of her newly single world, which included mingling, having fun and travel. But there was another side to Debbie. She had a lot of grit. She played hard, but worked even harder.


Building new businesses took center stage over her relationship with Bill, who had become jealous and controlling. Debbie wanted a partner who was fun and adventurous, whose Joie de vivre matched her zest for life and love, someone like Larry Sturholm.


Larry was a local RV personality who had recently joined Debbie on one of her business adventures.  Even though Larry had been happily married for over 2 decades, Bill was convinced they were having an affair. 


Debbie tried to soothe Bill’s fears, but also confided to close friends that she planned to “wean” Bill from their relationship. She said he was getting scary.


But, she would deal with it when she got back from a trip to Florida to visit a friend. At least that’s where she told Bill she was going. The truth was, she was going to the Grand Caymen Islands with Larry.


When Bill had found out, he stewed in a vile combination of rage, jealousy and bitterness.


The night of the trip, Larry and Debbie would meet at her house with no idea that Bill was there lying in wait, hunting knives strapped to his ankles.


And, he would have his revenge.

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