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Where’s My Mommy?

There is no more profound emotion that’s deeper than a child’s love of their mother.

Nine year old Samantha Moyer felt that love. Those memories are forever etched in her mind's eye. Her mother’s penchant for playing with her daughters and being silly, dancing and singing together like nobody’s watching, then falling to the floor to enjoy a shared giggle at their goofiness.

At the tail end of winter 2009, Samantha was a shy little girl who still slept with her mother, Nancy. On a cold March night Samantha snuggled up close, not knowing that would be the last night she would feel her mother’s warm embrace.


Inexplicably, the next day 36 year old Nancy Moyer was alone in her little house in Tenino, Washington, when she disappeared without a trace.   

And little Samantha was left with a hole in her heart, her mommy, suddenly and without warning, stolen. The ache Samantha feels has been her North star in her quest to find out who murdered her mother.


In 2019 they thought they might finally get the answer. There was a huge break in the case. Eric Roberts, a former co-worker and neighbor, dialed 9-1-1 and confessed to killing Nancy.

After 10 years of not knowing, would the family finally find out what happened?

But, just days later, that suspect would recant his confession.

And he would leave that now-grown little girl with the lingering question, Where’s my mommy?”

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