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What Happened to Autumn Stone?

Empathy. It’s a word defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.  

But to truly recognize and understand someone’s pain and suffering on a deep level, it requires walking a mile in their shoes.

Autumn Stone was wearing tennis shoes as she walked along the well tread path at Green Lake on that gorgeous Labor Day weekend in 2019. 

Green Lake is a hot spot in Seattle for paddleboarding, kayaking and swimming. And the three mile path that circles the lake is ideal for joggers, walkers, and folks on wheels.

On that Friday at noon, Autumn walked the path alone with a heavy heart. The 23 year old had worried away 12 pounds in the last 9 days.

Even though the park was packed, no one noticed Autumn until it was too late. 

Nobody heard the silent keen from the depths of her soul. No one knew that this young mother should have had her 5 week old, Devante, snuggled up to her breast.

But she hadn’t held her newborn in 9 days. Not since the night she had left her sleeping baby with his father to make a quick fast food run.

When she returned, her precious baby was clinging to life.

Unbeknownst to Autumn, her fiancé, Tyler, had gone to prison previously for shaking a different baby.

Their relationship was over. Even though she was crushed, Autumn’s family said she was on track to do whatever it took to get her baby back.

She leaned into her faith for strength, writing a prayer in her journal just before driving to Green Lake, where she received a flurry of calls from her step mother, the first family member to be cleared to hold her baby.

It would have been a welcome relief for Autumn, if she ever got that final phone call. But, by that time, Seattle Police were pulling her lifeless body from the lake.

Investigators were quick to call it a suicide, but Autumn’s friends and family have their doubts… 

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Julie Hutson

    First of all autumn would not have done this to herself her ex Tyler is the one who did this he hurt his first child which I now and love very much which I would hurt him over her he did the exact same thing to autumn’s baby … exact same injuries why can’t you see this and get his ass for this shit so her family can rest

  2. Benjamin Kitchell

    I am Tyler’s step brother.
    Autumn was once my best friend and my first crush.
    To hear about her death, her child’s life threatening situation, and his involvement, left a major wound on my heart.
    years ago, when he injured his daughter (who is now my adopted sister) I wanted to believe he was innocent. I wanted to believe that he wouldn’t have hurt anyone much less a defenseless baby. When I heard about Autumn’s baby, my stomach dropped and everything I thought I knew crumbled away.
    This is not a coincidence. History has repeated itself and lives have been destroyed and damaged.
    I’ve never been violent. Never wished anyone to die.
    Tyler is the sole exception. I hate him with a passion I’ve never felt before. Even more, I hate myself for not speaking up to Autumn, or her family about, Tyler. When they started dating I felt in my soul that it was not going to end well. That something bad may happen.
    I blame myself for her death. I believe I will carry this guilt until the day I die.
    Autumn, I’m sorry. Please, forgive me.

  3. James Stone

    Ben, please don’t feel guilt for not telling us. You were protecting what you believed to be an innocent person. It’s not you’re fault and I believe Autumn would feel the same way, if you have any evidence that could help us please let me know.

  4. James Stone

    Ben, don’t punish yourself I’lltd not needed and we don’t blame you. If you have anything that could help in either case let me know.

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