The I5 Killer

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The roar of the crowd was like music to Randall Woodfield’s ears. Those Friday Night Lights fueled his ego as he caught the football mid air. And then, his magnus opus. He pumped his legs toward the promise land: Portland State University’s end zone.

It was the moment he lived for, when all eyes were on Randy.


The year was 1974 and it wasn’t long before NFL talent scouts would come to watch Randy on the field.

The scout would gush that Randy was quite a jumper and he could cut on a dime.

Randy’s coach agreed, but would point out what he considered a glaring deficiency: Randy avoided getting hit. He didn’t like to feel pain.

There was something else about Randy that the scout wasn’t aware of. Later, a detective in Wisconsin would say, “Randy, just couldn’t keep it in his pants.”

He was referring to Randy’s multiple arrests for indecent exposure. The incidents would ultimately lead to Woodfield’s being cut from the Green Bay Packers, without even playing a single game.  

Looking back, that rejection could have been the tipping point where Randy’s obsession with exposing himself to women took an evil turn.

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  1. Lisa

    RW was just strangled/murdered in prison. By his cell mate who was in for life for the strangling death of his girlfriend. He said he did it for the victims of RW … um yeah, think he really just wants a room of his own and since he’s in for life, RW is an easy target and so now he’ll instant classification for single cell. Right?

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