The Gold Digger

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Out in the field the big, heavy duty machinery revs up. A lone farmer sits inside the cockpit of this gigantic tractor. A puff of smoke trails out of the little exhaust pipe as the earth begins to churn beneath the steel blades. 

Nothing but time and the big blue sky as the tractor makes its way slowly across thousands of acres on the Arkansas farm.  

In the distance there’s one of those open air canopies made of steel that housed tools of the farmer’s trade. 

Not just one tractor, but two, and there was a combine too. So much heavy duty, expensive equipment all lined up like a little boys toys. 

You might be thinking that the farmer had been working the land with his family for generations, long enough to scrape together the kind of seed money required to purchase these top shelf items.

But, this isn’t that kind of story.  

All of that equipment, even some of the land, was paid for by a gold digger by the name of Shae Sanger who had never worked an honest day in her life.  

Shea is the sister of this farmer and if there’s anything that runs through the generations of this family it isn’t working the land, but working people. All that expensive farm equipment was paid for by a lonely man named Norman Butler. 

Norman lived all the way across the country in Washington State. A 75 year old retired optometrist with no interest in farming, he’d been looking for love in all the wrong places.

By the way, Shea Sanger is just one of the names this grifter has cultivated over the years in her quest to prey upon vulnerable men.

At the root of this middle aged gold digger’s black heart was the insatiable need for her family’s approval.

Will this woman get what’s coming to her?   

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