Washed Away: The TikTok Suitcase Murders

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Movie theaters and bowling alleys were closed  Restaurants were offering takeout only. And nightlife was non-existent. The summer of 2020 has been cemented in our minds as a time of pandemic, fear, loneliness and never ending boredom.

It’s not surprising that it’s also the time that a new app promising unexpected adventures right in your own neighborhood became wildly popular, especially with the younger crowd.

One group of teens decided to explore Alkai beach, a typical Pacific coast town on the west side of Seattle. Small shops and mom and pop restaurants line the sidewalk that sits opposite a sandy beach along the Pacific ocean.

It was a sunny day in June when the teens headed out looking for a random GPS coordinate not knowing what they might find. And, of course, they brought their cell phones with them to record their adventure. 

When they spotted a suitcase that had gotten stuck on a large pile of rocks, they wondered what was inside. As they got closer. the stench of the contents nearly made them turn around. But their curiosity got the better of them. They just had to open it to see what was inside. 

When they decided to call police, the cops thought it was a prank.

They would soon learn, this was anything but a laughing matter. 

The remains of a young couple, dismembered and tossed away like trash.

But who were they? And who was the monster who could have done such a thing?

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