To Catch a Cat Killer

The Evergreen State is known for its rainy days, precipitation that some say never ends. But we like to keep a little secret. Summertime in the Pacific Northwest is something else.

July and August, a beautiful 75 degrees with nothing but blue skies as far as the eye can see. 

The perfect backdrop for wherever your pleasure takes you, hiking in the forest, boating in the Puget Sound, or swimming in the hundreds of lakes and rivers.  

But, the summer of 2018 was different.

It was a scorcher, with 11 days of over 90 degrees. Not only was it hot that summer, our corner of the world felt like it was on fire. Devastating wildfires were raging out of control in Washington, Oregon, California and British Columbia.

The days were foreboding as smoke blotted out the sun. Even at night there was little reprieve from the heat. Cool winds brought in a fresh delivery of smoke and light ash.  

And there was something else under the cover of darkness that summer. A predator was hunting cats.

Cities were on edge. Neighbors trolled the streets in citizen patrols. A reward of over $50,000 was offered to find the cat killer, and a task force of detectives were assigned to the case.

But, just as soon as the killing started, once the rain came back to Seattle at summers end the cat killings mysteriously stopped.

But did they?  

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  1. Daniel

    The FBI has been here the entire time trying to catch this fucker, no luck on their end.
    Meanwhile cats are still coming up missing in this area, they just are not talking about it any longer.
    They stopped talking about it to calm the masses after people started making vigilante groups walking around with bats.

  2. Carolyn

    Really? Do tell…

    -Carolyn Ossorio

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