Evil Intent

So many twists and turns led Idaho investigators to an unassuming home where a search warrant was served on a cold morning in January 2020.

But what are police looking for?

Clues to the whereabouts of two children missing since September.

17 year old Tylee and her little brother J.J. had vanished without a trace.

Normally, when children go missing, you’re heart feels heavy watching their desperate mother beside themselves with grief, begging the community for help.

But there was nothing normal about Tylee and J.J.’s mother, Lori Vallow.

Detectives are still peeling back the layers of a case that spans multiple states and potentially five murders. And at the center of this heart of darkness is Lori, her new husband, Chad Daybell, and their involvement in what some call a doomsday cult.

It’s alleged they believed they were gods with the vision to see darkness in people, loved ones even, like Lori’s previous husband who she believed had turned into a zombie.

The search for Tylee and J.J. ended in June, when their remains were discovered buried in Chad’s backyard. Now it’s time for justice.

Who was responsible for their murders? And why?

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