The Date

Spring in Seattle. It’s a little soggy and the wind still kicks up a bit.

But, the ever present drizzle is mere background music for many Seattleites because April means the Mariners come out of hibernation.

That’s something Ingrid Lyne could relate to. At 40, Ingrid was a newly divorced mom of three young girls who had recently stepped back into the dating scene.

On April 8th 2016, Ingrid was out on the town. Her ex-husband had the girls overnight and she was enjoying that Great American past time, the home opener at Safeco Field.

She wasn’t sitting alone, among that sea of fans in the open air arena. Ingrid was sharing the backdrop of the beautiful Seattle skyline on a chilly night with a new friend.

That is, until those bright lights at a big city game would recede into the background…

The next morning, when Ingrid’s ex brought the girls home after their sleepover, Ingrid, a fit nurse who prioritized her children above all else, was nowhere to be found.

That is until the gruesome discovery of dismembered body parts that put the entire city on high alert.

A senseless and gruesome crime. A community on edge as investigators tracked down a killer.

What happened to Ingrid Lyne? And why?

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