To Kill a Prosecutor, Part 2

The murder of Thomas Crane Wales rocked the Seattle area. He was one of the good guys, a federal prosecutor who was known to be fair, but firm.

Wales was gunned down in his Seattle home on a chilly October night in 2001. Despite valiant efforts by law enforcement, after nearly 20 years the person or people responsible for the murder have never been brought to justice. 

In episode one of To Kill a Prosecutor we talked with the hosts of the podcast Somebody Somewhere, David Payne and Jody Gottlieb. They were the first independent journalists to take a hard look into the case.

Just three months before Wales was murdered, a pilot had been the target of the prosecutor’s last case. Some say the pilot either pulled the trigger himself or paid a hitman to do it because of a grudge.

But, is the pilot’s alleged motivation for wanting Wales dead just smoke and mirrors in an investigation that, from the beginning, was doomed because of tunnel vision?

In part 2 of To Kill a Prosecutor we’ll continue to pull on threads that the hosts of Somebody Somewhere dug up in their three year investigation, the elaborate sting against the pilot, and more details of Wales’s last case that some say point to a conspiracy.

If you have any information in this case, you can make an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers USA.

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