To Kill a Prosecutor, Part 1

Two bulls locking horns in a bitter court battle waged between a beloved federal prosecutor, Thomas Crane Wales, and a defendant known only as “The Pilot.”

Some say a bitter grudge was the motive for the shots fired in the dead of night that left Wales bleeding out in his Seattle home. It’s alleged that the lone shooter was The Pilot or that he was the maestro of a small conspiracy. That it was his way of exacting  revenge against Wales, who he believed ruined his life.

It’s been nearly 20 years and The Pilot has never wavered from proclaiming his innocence. Despite nearly two decades under the FBI’s microscope, no charges have ever been filed against him in Wales murder.

But what if there was something else at play here? What if federal agents suffered from tunnel vision, with The Pilot always in their sights?

What if this bad blood story was just the tip of the iceberg and the real story lay underneath the cold, murky waters of Wales’s old case files; An alleged conspiracy far more insidious involving a helicopter, The Pilot, the government, and a corporation playing puppet master. 

In this episode Jody Gottleib and David Payne, Producers of Somebody Somewhere, share new information about the murder investigation that has us asking – Was the respected prosecutor really the pillar of integrity he appeared to be?

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