Killer Kids & COVID

Nirvana, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam. Seattle in the 90’s saw the birth of Grunge music.

The punk-metal hybrid of music was championed by the newly minted SubPop Records and by throngs of teens in ratty flannels and slept-in hair who felt connected with the message of discontent with the status quo.

What started as an underground music scene in Seattle, quickly caught on and grew all over the world.  The angry and sometimes violent lyrics spoke to young people whose angst tainted their view of themselves, their families and society as a whole.

And, in a small farmhouse in McCleary, Washington it was the music of an Australian grunge band that some say inspired the murder of a mother, a father, and their 5 year old son at the hands of an angsty teen who just didn’t seem to fit in.

It’s a crime that would end up changing the way Washington courts deal with killer kids forever.

To read the article Carolyn references, check out Effective Immediately: We are Closing Our Homeschool by John Methven.

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