Doomsday Bunker

It was a Sunday morning in the spring of 2012. A small, one story home in North Bend was on fire. Firefighters wanted to get inside to figure out the best way to fight the flames and to ensure there were no victims. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be one of those textbook situations.

First, the front door was blocked. There was something inside barring them from even cracking it open. They found a side door off the car port and went in that way. As they started searching the home they noticed the gas cans, which appeared to be full, scattered throughout different rooms of the house. And they found the victims. 41 year old Lynnettee, still lying in her bed. Her 18 year old daughter Kaylene also seemed to have died in her sleep.

But was it the smoke that consumed them or something even more sinister? And, who lit the match?

“If he had been as good an arsonist as he was a murderer and builder, then we may not have found him.”

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Rocha Family Scholarship at Seattle Central

The Rocha Family has created this scholarship to honor the memory of their granddaughter/niece, Kaylene Keller whose life was un-expectantly cut short in 2012. Kaylene, a North Bend, Washington resident, was a vibrant and creative young woman who had a dream of becoming a video game designer with a focus on character design and development. With this scholarship the Rocha Family hopes that other young women who share Kaylene’s passion can fulfill their dreams.


To inspire women to follow their dreams in programming. Particular women with aspirations of studying gaming and avatar design, which was a passion of Kaylene’s

Videos of Peter Keller on our YouTube Channel

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  1. Kim

    This was chilling! I didn’t recall hearing about this true crime. Even crazier to me is the area the bunker was found is a heavily hiked area. I myself have been there several times!

    1. Kim Shepard

      Me too! Another reason I’m glad to have a four legged hiking partner. 🙂

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