Curse of the Fairy Cabin

For more than eight years, a cabin hidden amongst the trees of the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest kept its wicked secret. Perched about 10 feet off the ground on a wooden platform, what would come to be known as the Fairy Cabin had mud brown shingles surrounding several sets of glass windows. There were wooden shutters, a steep pitched roof, and what looked like runes of the occult carved into the walls and floor of the structure

To the few who found it, the cabin looked like the gingerbread house out of a Grimm Brothers fairy tale. Beautiful and magical, but also eerie and mysterious. Snuggled amongst towering evergreens, it had become covered in the same blanket of plush green moss that also covered every tree, bush and boulder.

It was almost like the Fairy Cabin had always been there. Like it belonged there. In this old growth forest Douglas fir, hemlock and western red cedar grow skyward, shoulder to shoulder, their branches weighed down by thick tendrils of hanging moss.

From the Canadian border down to Mount Rainier, the forest covers nearly 2 million acres. For most of it, you won’t find a paved road, a gravel path, or even a dirt trail. It took a park ranger with an intimate knowledge of the forest and an insatiable appetite for justice to finally rid this place of the evil that had been born there, and perhaps to see the Fairy Cabin burned to the ground

“I was looking into this expecting something kind of whimsical and weird. And now I was looking at it and saying, Oh my God, this is a crime scene. And I was just absolute shock. I couldn’t believe it,” shared Trail Steward CJ Jones.

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